What to Anticipate in GTA V and the Game Setting

Review of Grand Theft Auto V – What to Anticipate in GTA V and the Game Setting

Rockstar launch a successful sequel for GTA series again. You will not be disappointed if you have been anticipating to play the GTA V. It has excellent graphics display compared to many earlier versions. In GTA V, the game is set in the metropolis town of Los Santos. Fans of GTA are familiar with Los Santos. In Los Santos, you will find many celebrities that are no longer popular as well as people who aspire to become celebrities one day.

Los Santos is a virtual city located in a virtual state called San Andreas. GTA V has 3 main protagonists that come from different background and aspire to become successful in their criminal careers. The first character is Michael who used to be a con man in his previous career. The second character is Franklin, an expert fraud. The third character is Trevor who is a mad man. All three of them are not in good circumstances and they want to take risk on their lives to become successful in the criminal world.

Grand Theft Auto is not just a good game because of its vast open world but it also has a good storyline that interests the players. Every new sequel in the GTA 5 hack tool series has new storyline and features that make people want to play the game. In GTA V, you can switch from one character to another and play the game according to different storyline.

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